Who we are:
The only student-run market research initiative that provides quick, engaging, and relevant market knowledge about UP students.

What we want to do:
Provide UP students, who love learning new things about themselves and their surroundings, market knowledge that is interesting to them and at the same time relevant to end users.

Last March 2013, Factbytes conducted a survey among UP Diliman students to determine the extent to which they associate 25 pairs of predetermined traits to the eight colleges found “most stereotyped” by the respondents of an earlier, preparatory survey.

The questionnaire had scales of 1 to 5, where an adjective is placed beside 1 and its opposite is placed beside 5. The respondents were asked to indicate where between the two they perceive the students of a given college to belong. The same set of pairs were used for all eight colleges. After the survey, the mean of each scale was calculated and the results are presented to you.

To the 267 respondents, students from the Virata School of Business are (see the table above).

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